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Home Learning: A Student’s Perspective

by Eddie Rayner

“ My name is Hamdan Fadhil, and I have been a West Yas student since 4th grade. I’ve been learning at home for the past few weeks and I have found it a good and very exciting experience.

When we started E-learning, West Yas chose the best subjects for us such as language arts, science, Arabic, Islamic, and Math’s.

I have great support when it comes to my teachers; they convey the right information to us in a fun and interesting way. For example, at the start of each lesson, we do mental warm-up exercises and If a student did not understand the subject, he/she can message the teacher privately for one to one support.

In my opinion, I think the hardest thing is that we don’t have much experience with e-learning, but as I said, our teachers give us so much of their time to help us fully understand what we are learning and how to learn so its made things much easier.

In the future, I would like to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering and hopefully, a Master’s Degree in Business and Management.

After high school, I would like to apply for the University of Toronto in Canada as I would like a career as an engineer where I can compete in different competitions. I think learning to work on my own during this home learning process is preparing me for the next stage of my future.’’

Hamdan Fadhil,

Student at West Yas Academy