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Helping to Shape Modern Society

by Eddie Rayner

For high school students who have an interest in understanding a wide array of economic and financial issues, a Bachelor of Arts in Economics (BAE) could be a great choice for their future university studies. Paul Samuelson, the first noble laureate in economics in 1970, and William Nordhaus, define economics in the 1998 edition of their well-known book as follows: “Economics is the study of how societies use scarce resources to produce valuable commodities and distribute them among different people.”

According to Dr Mohsen Saad, Associate Dean of American University of Sharjah’s (AUS) School of Business Administration, the BAE degree is well suited to students who like numbers and data, but who also want to understand the forces that shape modern societies:

“By studying economic theories and concepts coupled with data driven application of the real world, students come to understand the complex nature of trade-offs that individuals, firms and governments confront due to limited resources.”

The BAE degree at AUS prepares students for diverse roles in government, banks, policy institutes and non-government organisations, among others, and graduates are also qualified to enter advanced degrees in economics, or related fields. It also prepares graduates to embark on graduate programmes in finance, economics, public policy, and other areas. Past graduates have been accepted into prestigious programmes at premier universities that include Columbia University, London Business School, Oxford University, and University of Calgary.

“Economists will continue to play an important role as the UAE economy increasingly becomes more globally-orientated and diversified. Economists help to advise government policy makers and industry leaders, as they make decisions that impact all of us, both in the immediate period and in the long-term,” Dr Saad says.

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