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Growth Through Nurturing

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It may be tricky understanding the difference in pre-school or nursery models. Sharjah Education Council (SEC) recently released some details about what nurseries in the Emirate looks like.

There are three main models of nursery in the UAE: the first model represents independent nurseries designed to accommodate up to 140 children, with around five nurseries adopting this model in Sharjah. The second model also features independent nurseries, designed with a capacity ranging from 60 to 80 children; this model is adopted by four nurseries in the Emirate. The third model accommodates around 35 children; this model is mostly attached to a government department and school buildings in Sharjah, and is currently adopted by 16 nurseries.

SEC is the authority responsible for government nurseries and they accommodate around 1,500 children under the direction of talented individuals, who have been cherry-picked for their outstanding qualifications, vast experience, and all-round knowledge in the field of children’s care and education. The current number of staff in these settings is 225, including 37 Arabic language teachers, around 34 English language teachers, and 108 supervisors.

Sharjah’s government nurseries provide a fertile environment to educate and rehabilitate children, shape their characters, develop their identity, and teach them noble Islamic values, authentic Arab customs, and a patriotic spirit. The nurseries work within an integrated matrix of educational and teaching programmes in order to enhance various learning skills and provide a comprehensive development for the children.