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Go Back To School with Babyshop!

by Eddie Rayner

That’s how it feels when the kids’ new school year begins, doesn’t it? Like the parents are going back to school. Keeping in mind the current pandemic scenario, Babyshop has launched its back-to-school campaign to make life easy for parents and fun for students.

With more than 100 brands and 1,000+ styles, Babyshop is here to help mommy and daddy prep for school. That too without breaking the bank. Take, for instance, the three-piece and five-piece trolley backpack sets, starting at just AED 79. Sturdy, trendy, easy on the eyes and wallet. All their backpacks come with a one-year warranty. That’s value for money right there!   

Babyshop also offers some exclusive love. Parents can now shop for brands like Ryan’s World, Cocomelon, Love Diana, Na! Na! Na! Surprise, Paw Patrol, and U.S. Polo that are not available anywhere else. Plus, there’s Juniors, their in-house brand that ranks high on quality and is surprisingly affordable.

With more than 100 brands and 1,000+ styles, Babyshop is here to help mommy and daddy prep for school

Kids grow up faster than we think, don’t they? And they need new uniforms almost every year. Babyshop makes uniform-shopping effortless; parents can get trousers and shirts for boys, or pinafores/skirts and shirts for girls. Shop online or through the Babyshop application; it takes only a few clicks to get them delivered right to your doorstep. 

It’s not easy for parents to send their children off to school, given the ongoing condition. Babyshop’s wide array of safety products can help in easing their tense minds. Face masks, hand sanitisers, anti-bacterial pocket hand wipes, and immunity-boosting supplements can ensure their protection to an extent. Obviously, parents and teachers will provide a list of protocols that they should follow to stay safe. 

Babyshop even has smartwatches for the older kids. They can use them to: 

  1. Track how many steps they take in a day. The sooner children understand the importance of staying active, the better. 
  2. Monitor heart rate and blood pressure. This simple DYI is better than going to the doc, isn’t it? 
  3. Monitor sleep. We all know how important it is to get optimal shut-eye time. 
  4. Alarm clock. Let them set an alarm for school and wake up by themselves. It makes them more responsible and independent.  

The smartwatches are available in four attractive colours, at equally attractive prices.

For parents who are not entirely convinced that their kids are safe in school, Babyshop has excellent home-schooling products, like writing desks, headphones, easel stands, and chalkboards.  

In these trying times, we have to be here for one another like never before. Babyshop understands the gravity of the situation and is there for every parent and child in the best way possible.

Explore the biggest range of Back-to-School gear at Babyshop or Babyshop at Centrepoint stores, or you can also shop online at www.babyshopstores.com