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Global Indian International School, Dubai, Announces Appointment of New Principal

by Eddie Rayner

The Global Indian International School Dubai is pleased to announce that Antony Koshy has been appointed as their new principal starting 21 May 2021. Antony Koshy brings with him a rich experience of almost three decades in the education sector. Prior to that role, he served in various leadership positions and as a mathematics teacher in prestigious schools across Dubai and India.

GIIS is at the forefront of creating better learning environments for imparting holistic education, and having the right educators who align with its values are instrumental to that. Antony Koshy brings a history of building trust and developing positive relationships along with high ethics and strong leadership to the school. He is known to be a dedicated and caring educator who works well with students and teachers.

A visionary educator with over 27 years of experience

“The systems that are in place here are very impactful, and I’m looking forward to come in and learn from and contribute to it. I am really impressed with GIIS’s educational philosophy and its holistic teaching curriculum, which makes me so excited to be here,” said Antony Koshy, Principal, GIIS Dubai.

A visionary educator with over 27 years of experience, Antony Koshy has pioneered some of the most promising pedagogies in nextgen learning. He is a reputed name among the academic fraternity as an innovator associated with creating various digital tools for technology-based teaching and learning. He has also led the school before joining GIIS to a ‘developed in all 13 themes’ rating in the DL evaluation. An expert in science and technology, Antony Koshy’s passion for futuristic education will contribute well to the growth of GIIS Dubai’s teaching practices. As someone who prioritises inclusive education, he makes an ideal fit for GIIS where nurturing well-rounded, emotionally intelligent global citizens is one of the main objectives. He is a technology aficionado and strongly advocates using technology in classrooms to enhance and enrich the learning process.

Antony’s expertise and progressiveness will complement GIIS’s vision of a ‘SMART campus for SHARP outcomes’. Visit – https://dubai.globalindianschool.org/