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Full of Good Ideas at UOWD

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The University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) recently welcomed representatives from a dozen of the UAE’s top schools to participate in the second edition of the AppVision competition, which pledges to recognise young talent in the region.

Winning projects included ‘Projectify’ by Future International Private School, ‘MediCare’ by Liwa International School, and the standout sustainability project ‘Livin Green’ by Delhi Private School in Dubai.

Nearly 200 students were grouped into 55 teams, with each team having to develop and present an application to be used on any smart phone or tablet device. Along with this, teams were also tasked with packaging their ideas and creatively describing their thoughts in a poster and presenting a non-functional interface of the app.

The format of the competition encourages young people to embrace technology and think outside-of-the-box.

Academic Scholarships were awarded to 12 school students in total, allowing them to pursue higher education at their chosen university or college.

  • 200 high school students from top schools in the UAE participated in the AppVison competition
  • Judges included key members from Microsoft, NOKIA and GE
  • Three groups of winners were awarded Academic Scholarships to attend UOWD