Fitter, Healthier, Happier

by admin

The summer months are a time to get a little rest and relaxation, maybe even indulge a little. However, this does not mean that your health and fitness have to fall by the wayside.

People need to pay special attention to the three ‘Hs’ during the summer: heat, humidity, and hydration. If you are able to balance these, you’ll be able to continue your fitness journey in a fun, effective, and safe manner. Family walks after sunset are one way to keep on the move, but the focus needs to be on brisk walking as opposed to a casual stroll!

Yoga first thing in the morning is a good way to start the day as a family, too. Just 15 minutes of non-stop ‘Sun Salutations’ is enough to get endorphins flowing through the body. Another way to stay fit is to go swimming in your apartment building or community swimming pool; this is also a great activity for those nursing injuries.

And there’s no dearth of exercise movements for those who are short on time. Just before getting into the shower, do three sets of 20 squats, lunges (10 each leg), crunches (with or without weights; weights mean books), or even push-ups. For desk-based professionals, there are certain ergonomic movements, such as shoulder rotations and pelvic tilts. Meanwhile, classic breathing exercises like pranayama, which can be done while driving or even sitting at one’s desk, are a good way to detoxify and relax the body.

Tips to consider:

  • Avoid any outdoor activity between 10am and 3pm,
  • Drink at least 1.5 litres of water when you’re not active.
  • Stock up on electrolytes to ensure that you are constantly replacing lost minerals and vitamins.

Rohit Verma is a fitness coach at Orange Theory in Dubai, a certified Ironman coach, a seven-time Ironman 70.3 kilometre finish, and a one-time Ironman 140.6 kilometre finish.