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Fighting Through Rain, Wind, and Mud

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90 students from Aldar Academies Al Ain Academy took part in the Spartan Arabia Race at Al Ain Zoo, with two students placing first and second in their age group.

The challenging and varied ‘Spartan Kids’ course was open to children aged between four and 14 years of all abilities.

Grace Taylor, 13 years old, and Finlay Steel, 11 years old, came first and second in their competitive heats for their age groups.

Melissa Claridge, PE Teacher and KS Coordinator, said, “Grace and Finlay are both highly active when it comes to sporting activities. They regularly participate in a variety of events, including previous Spartan runs, timed running events, Triathlons and MEUC swimming galas. These aided their preparation for this event. Both Grace and Finlay are very competitive and show great perseverance and determination; whenever they are set a challenge, they rise to the occasion. I am incredibly proud of their performance and all of the AAA students who participated last week.”