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Feedback From A Parent at Greenfeild International School Towards E-Learning

by Eddie Rayner

“I am so proud of the way teachers have adapted to distance learning and some of the creative ways they are developing learning activities is quite breathtaking.  Even our youngest students have been getting on with tasks, joining us in video conference tutorials and keeping up to date with assignments. We know it has been a change and, at times, a challenge for parents but we have received lots of comments saying they have enjoyed joining in with activities (lots of families are doing the physical education challenges together), and seeing firsthand what their children are learning. 

I have to give credit and a massive thank you to Jane Gaughan, Mostapha’s teacher, she has been a leader with helping our staff get the best from the online learning software here at Greenfield International School!” Says Mr. Andrew Mitchell, Head of Primary at Greenfield International School, a member of the Taaleem family of schools.

“Now that the first 3 days of e-Learning are through, we wanted to share with some first impressions and thoughts.

First of all, when we learned that the children would have to start learning from home, we were both excited about the opportunities that this experience would provide our children and a bit skeptical about Mostapha’s ability to act independently. 

However, and after barely 3 days, we are impressed by the level of engagement, focus and excitement this new experience has given Mostapha the opportunity to show. 

He wakes up excited to start the day and watch the morning video, make his bed, change and go have breakfast while joining the classroom conference. 

He has been able to use many tools such Teams, Outlook Calendar, Seesaw, and some others and combine those changing from one to the other to adapt to the expected deliverable/activity/outcome, which is what professionals have to do everywhere and that us, the previous generations, had to learn once we started working.  

It has pushed him to be extremely independent in setting up his calendar and adapting to the specific needs if the day, (for example, I saw him changing slots in his calendar because a call went over the expected time, and so he doesn’t forget to do that specific task) and also in doing his work by himself, with the confidence that knowing that he can share it with us and get feedback or help before submitting it.

It has given him the opportunity to exploit and enhance his IT literacy, by using other IT tools to be more efficient (I saw him take a screenshot of a table and modify it with the correct answer to quickly finish a math exercise and have a good presentation) 

They are having fun while learning, yesterday, for example, we got to do his PE exercise together, as a family, and during the day and after school time, he and some friends have set up a Teams call to talk to each other and keep in touch or even share work thoughts. 

It gives us, the parents, the opportunity to see 1st hand, what our children know, what they are learning, how they are learning and where do they need to focus. This information we usually get from you and the school overall, but seeing it 1st hand is extremely positive. 

In our case, both mum and myself have the opportunity to work from home most of the days, I do not know what other parents’ opinions are, but in our case it is being a very positive experience so far, and to me specifically, this experience opportunity is somehow a silver lining to the strange and sad global situation.  

We hope and wish that this “catastrophe ” passes soon and we are all safe again and can go back to our normal lives soon, and I am sure when that happens this will have been an enormous learning for all of us and our families. And i would even suggest that a two weeks E-Learning experience is included in the regular learning program even when this outbreak is behind us. 

Once again, thank you very much for all you do for our kids, we know some you are parents too and have to cope with this both as parents and as teachers, and I cannot imagine how challenging that may be.  THANK YOU.”