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Dubai Science Teacher Works with Students on Million Solar Stars Programme

by Eddie Rayner

Adam Hall, a science teacher at Fairgreen International School, will be working with students this year to deepen engagement during the school’s second year of implementing the Million Solar Stars programme.

An international initiative to engage one million students in the process of scaling up solar power to 100% in schools around the world, it will see students design and build a mobile PV unit and solar models to demonstrate solar power. Fairgreen is hosting the Million Solar Stars Challenge in February too, with the International Junior Solar Sprint 2020 event held on the rooftop of the school. Students will design, build, and race model solar cars, developing teamwork and problem-solving skills while investigating environmental issues and gaining hands-on STEM skills to build the fastest, most interesting, and best-crafted vehicle possible.

The youngsters will also collaborate with schools in Senegal and Kenya to bring solar power to students there. Fairgreen will take a group of students to Kenya later in the year, where they will bring solar reading lights to students and help to educate them on this crucial sustainable resource. Also in February, Fairgreen will hold a ceremony commemorating the naming of one of its buildings after Dr Jane Goodall, foremost ecological preservationist whose Roots & Shoots Million Tree Project was the inspiration for the Million Solar Stars programme.