Enough is Enough

by Eddie Rayner

Up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year. Over 36 billion tonnes of CO2 was emitted in 2015. Approximately 550 people prematurely die each year due to acid rain. How many more need to join them for people to finally start caring about their own home?

In my opinion, the biggest problem is corporate greed. The constant need for profit, regardless of the cost to society and the environment, is ruining our planet. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just the fault of big business. We, as consumers, keep consuming products that we know aren’t helping our environment. But somehow, the narrative has almost shifted to alienate those who use plastic straws or plastic bags for their shopping, while ignoring big business.

Yet big business is the main culprit when it comes to rising CO2 emissions, and it all stems from profit maximisation. As futile of an endeavour as it may be, I believe that a UN implemented regulatory body made up of the most influential lawyers and climate change activists should be given full global jurisdiction. Strict regulations would be put into place to prevent any other firm from committing these heinous crimes in the future.

I also believe the companies that have polluted our planet to this extent should be sued for ruining our home without our consent, and any monetary gain from court cases should be donated to environmental agencies. The Amazon was burning, yet no one came to help. But when Notre Dame Cathedral was burning, billionaires from around the world were begging to donate large sums of money. Where were they when our biggest rainforest and most abundant source of oxygen was burning? No one was even sent to put these fires out; Mother Nature had to do it herself.

I may be young, and I may be naive, but at least I care enough to speak out. Can you say the same?

Divya Raina is a sixth form student at Jumeirah English Speaking School.