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Editor’s Choice Book

by admin

My Indian Kitchen by Swayampurna Mishra

When it comes to cooking, simple is a relative term. What is simple for a top chef can be challenging for a novice. Therefore, when I saw the claim that Swayampurna (Swayam) Mishra’s new book, My Indian Kitchen, was ‘exceptionally easy and palatable for beginners’ I was not immediately convinced. However, having now been using the book for the past couple of weeks, I can confirm that Swayam really does make everything rather simple and straightforward.

Swayam, found inspiration for her book from her mother’s cooking and her Indian heritage. She still lives in India too, unlike many modern authors of Indian cookbooks who compose their masterpieces in places such as London and New York, so you cannot get more authentic.

And authentic is what it is all about as far as Swayam is concerned, for My Indian Kitchen is written in a way that will allow you to fool any dinner guest into believing you are a master of Indian cuisine … no matter what your background or cooking experience!

Swayam’s refreshing approach means that home cooks can tackle exciting recipes that burst with intricate flavour combinations and complementary textures. From one-bowl meals like Spinach and Chickpea Curry through to Masala Stuffed Flatbread and Honey and Saffron Crepes, the recipes in My Indian Kitchen are wide and varied (there are 75 in all), with something to suit all tastes and occasions.

My Indian Kitchen should entice everyone to try Indian food, or, if already a wizard with a karahi in the kitchen, expand their knowledge and love of one of the world’s truly great cuisines. Well written with clear instructions, all recipes are accompanied by stunning photographs, taking you on a visual journey through India’s tantalising tastes and aromas.

Kinokuniya Price: AED 99