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Dubai Student Presents at ‘Today at Apple Programme’

by Eddie Rayner

Adam Abu Ghaida, a Grade 8 student, teacher, and President of the Student Council at Dunecrest American School, has given a keynote speech as part of ‘Today at Apple’ programme at The Dubai Mall. The talk took in his inspiring journey and work and his passion for Computer Science and App development with Swift and X-Code. In addition, he gave a hands-on demo for the attendees.

Adam, now 13-years-of-age, began programming at the tender age of seven. He also teaches a class after school that specialises in the basics of Python. Enjoying coding to an advanced level, Adam is passionate about developing programmes and applications to help himself and his peers. His goal is to graduate from an Ivy League University with a major in Computer Science, ultimately contributing to the development of the human race.

“We are so proud of Adam Abu Ghaida and his achievements and drive, said Bill Delbrugge, Director at Dunecrest American School. “He has an inspiring story, and it’s great to see him share it through the ‘Today at Apple’ programme. Adam is an extraordinary student who really showcases the power his generation has to impact the world. His story highlights the importance of STEAM learning in the development of our students.

“Schools today must emphasise real-world learning, which teaches students how to think critically. Dunecrest students have cutting-edge technology, quite literally, at their fingertips. In this age of technology, we need to teach children how to explore the ‘why’ so that they can think and innovate. STEAM learning is one such approach that unleashes the creative juices of a student’s mind.”

With projects extending across Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths, Dunecrest American School’s STEAM program provides cutting-edge learning, allowing students to collaborate, think critically, and communicate effectively. This creative approach to problem-solving fosters true innovation, combining the mind of a scientist with that of a designer.