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Dubai Garden Glow Season 7 Kicks Off

by Eddie Rayner

Dubai Garden Glow, the world’s largest unique theme park, kick-started its seventh season on 1 November with many new concepts and attractions for the glow-in-dark garden.

After the whopping success of the previous six seasons, this year’s theme is ‘Glowing Safari’, where visitors will be enthralled by innovatively recreated wildlife. It will be a unique Safari trek in the Glow Park with incandescent animals all around, a colourful flower valley with dynamic, moving blossoms, and a glittering butterfly trail using 10 million energy-saving bulbs.

The Glow Park, a neon wonderland, will take the visitor from an information age to an entertainment age. The whole garden has been put together manually and adorned with handmade lights. The unique, environmentally-friendly models are artfully constructed, focusing specifically on delivering encounters that visitors will remember forever.

The Glow Park, a neon wonderland, will take the visitor from an information age to an entertainment age

The Art Park, which has been constructed using recycled material around the theme of ‘Back to Nature’, is an attempt to drive home the message of conservation. It is surrounded by wildlife installations made of used materials such as bottles and CDs. The eco-friendly Art Park seamlessly pulls together the different notes of happiness, cultural values, beliefs and identity, creating an overall paradise of all colours of life.

The Magic Park presents a world of mesmerising optical illusions. This unique artform uses geometric shapes to create hypnotic optical effects, creating a mysterious relationship between what the human brain understands and what our eyes are capable of seeing. This magical world will surprise and inspire everyone’s imaginations to run wild along with photo-worthy content across different categories. The Magic Park overall creates a world of visual, sensual and educational adventure.

The Magic Park presents a world of mesmerising optical illusions

The Dinosaurs Park, which has been a top draw for curious children and adults alike, takes you back through a journey, from the dawn of the dinosaurs through the three periods – Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous – to the end, showcasing more than 100 prehistoric creatures that move and roar. It has several educational stops, including a Dino museum.

Dubai is considered a beacon for the economy in the region, and the tourism sector in the city is witnessing significant growth every year, and Dubai Garden Glow represents a true embodiment of Dubai Municipality’s commitment to providing continuously innovative tourist destinations for its residents and visitors, as these unique projects, including Dubai Garden Glow, are an outstanding model for Dubai Municipality’s collaboration with the private sector, through projects aimed at providing an unforgettable experience for all family members, using high-level technologies that are characterised by innovation and creativity.

The entry fee for Dubai Garden Glow is AED65, including VAT, which will allow guests to visit the Glow Park, the Dinosaurs Park and the Art Park. However, there is a separate entrance fee of AED45 to enjoy the Magic Park. Dubai Garden Glow, located at Gate No.6 of Zaabeel Park, is open from 4 pm to 11 pm, Saturday to Wednesday, and from 4 pm to 12 am on Thursdays and Fridays. More details can be obtained by logging on to www.dubaigardenglow.com.