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Destroy Bacteria and Viruses on your Kid’s School Essentials

by Eddie Rayner

With schools reopening, a top priority for most parents is hygiene, and that means clean bags, shoes and uniforms. One sure and easy way to deal with it is to entrust a cleaning agency that can put your concerns to rest. Champion Cleaners, the region’s favourite five-star premium dry cleaning and laundry providers, is a favourite. They will ensure that your kid’s school supplies are germ-free while also saving you some money! 

With school backpacks only being in active use for half of the recent academic year, it seems practical to use the same backpack and do yourself some good. However, it’s essential to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of all used school supplies. You can give your kid’s backpack and other essentials a new lease of life by sending them off to professionals who use the right methods to kill harmful bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals, making them 100% safe and effective for your little ones. 

While the kids are at school, ensure maximum protection in your home and let the experts at Champion Cleaners disinfect your home surfaces with the brand’s home disinfection and sanitisation service that effectively eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The disinfectant process is 100% safe for children and pets, and trained technicians work quickly and efficiently to ensure minimal downtime. 

With 34 locations across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and a user-friendly Champion Cleaners app, compatible with Apple and Android devices, it has never been easier to arrange your Champion Cleaners services. With free pick-up and delivery at the touch of a button, arrange your backpack sanitisation services today!

For more information, please visit www.champion-cleaners.com or call 800-4556.