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Declare War on Plastic Pollution

by admin

Environmentally conscious fashion label, Joseph & Alexander, hosted its first regional brand launch event, presenting its Spring Summer 19 collection at Rixos The Palm Dubai. The latest collection, designed to ‘awaken the imagination and provoke curiosity’ through its compelling artistic narrative, seeks to shed light on critical world issues, such as the global movement to clean up the ‘plastic oceans.

Specialising in affordable childrenswear, Joseph & Alexander’s founding vision is to spark an ‘educational conversation’ through its visual designs and production methods; a brand that operates ‘consciously’ using recycled fabric from ocean plastics, eco-friendly ink, and reusable packaging. Each pair of Joseph & Alexander shorts is manufactured by collecting a dozen plastic bottles, which are then chopped into flakes, melted into pellets, extruded into yarn, spun into fabric, and finally transformed into a stylish pair of Joseph & Alexander shorts.

The brand’s founder, Alana Sorokin, said she felt compelled to launch a brand that made a true difference after learning of the devastating environmental impact of ocean plastics. She subsequently chose to work exclusively with recycled fabric created from plastics found floating in the world’s oceans, as the textile foundation of her playful collections. The brand further donates 10% of its annual profits to the Plastic Oceans UK foundation.

“The future of the planet relies on the hands of businesses. The consumer can be educated, but the are flooded with mass-market choice and affordability, and it is up to the industry to take leadership in developing A sustainable blue economy.

We can mould plastics, but it is moulding the mindset that truly counts,”


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