Cultural Importance

by admin

Learning about the many cultures and traditions of the world can often be considered just as important as studying maths. The Creative Science Schools place a strong emphasis on the prominence of this.

“Creative Science Schools, run by Beam Education, have a culture and ethos that place faith and values at their heart,” explains Naveed Iqbal. “The schools promote a strong balance of knowledge across all subjects, plus strong Arabic language support. Students are therefore knowledgeable and appreciative of the heritage and culture that underpins and influences contemporary life in the UAE.”

So what types of parents choose Creative Science Schools? “Parents who value the way in which culture and tradition is embedded in academic achievement,” Naveed Iqbal responds. “Most of the parents are working professionals, with the majority being Emiratis. However, we also have many expats, the schools boasts over 50 nationalities, who help contribute towards a diverse parent community.”

There are five key points that parents are attracted to when considering a BEAM school:

  1. Strong academic learning in core subjects
  2. The importance schools place on ethos and values
  3. State-of-the-art facilities and resources
  4. Strong leadership across schools
  5. The schools’ uniqueness and links with universities and pathways for graduating students

“Students learn that they are citizens of the world, and that their contribution towards society will pave the way for a bright new future. And thus, students understand that this comes with responsibility, learning, and good intentions. That is why we teach such key skills in ‘Moral Education’, lessons that are taught each week,” Naveed Iqbal concludes.

Naveed Iqbal is the principal of the International School of Creative Science – Nad Al Sheba, Dubai.