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Connecting the Interconnected at Expo 2020

by admin

An emotional journey that tells the fascinating story of humankind’s relationship with nature and our impact on it awaits millions of visitors to Expo 2020’s Sustainability Pavilion, Terra.

Terra will reveal the intricate interconnection between people and Mother Nature, emphasising the urgency of addressing destructive environmental impacts that are triggered primarily by human behaviour.

The visitor experience will include huge installations inspired by iconic fairground attractions, which will highlight critical sustainability issues and concepts. An enormous Balance Maze, for instance, will require numerous visitors to interact with each other to bring Earth into balance, whilst the Consumption Halls will lay bare the scale of the devastation caused by consumerism. Terra will also allow visitors to venture under the ocean or forest, with the journey then being turned upside down inside the Laboratory of Future Values.

The Terra experience culminates by asking visitors to make a personal promise that will help facilitate positive change. This might be as simple as cutting down on food waste or not using single-use plastic. With capacity for 4,400 visitors hourly over 173 days, that could equal an incredible number of changes and help save the planet.