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Challenges and Benefits

by admin

Teaching pre-school graduates is something of a specialist task, more of a vocation than a job. Teaching in a primary school is one of the most challenging yet interesting paths for a teacher, with Zainab Khan from Credence High School being a prime example.

“The kids are still so attached to their mothers,” she begins, “that it becomes a challenge for the teacher to take care of them with the same motherly love and care that they are used to at home.

“By the time a student enters first grade, they are expected to hit the ground running. Some of the skills they should have at this stage are social skills, listening and understanding skills, reading, and writing.

“More importantly, kindergarten is a great time for youngsters to learn a new language. It takes a child’s communication skills beyond the horizon. Learning another language requires a child to develop a deep understanding into that particular culture, allowing him or her to see things through the eyes of others. The child begins to understand the way language shapes the way they think, which in turn allows them to empathize with the people of that country.”

Zainab Khan is a primary teacher at Credence High School, and has been teaching kindergarteners for the past six years.