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British Orchard Nursery Joins Fight Against Australian Bushfire

by Eddie Rayner

In the light of the tragedy, British Orchard Nursery promotes eco-friendly measures to preserve natural resources and reduce wastage. The nursery has collectively adopted mother and child koala bears in Australia.

In order to raise awareness on global warming and its adverse impact, British Orchard Nursery has rolled out a long-term programme within the curriculum, guiding pre-schoolers to become more mindful of the increasing carbon footprint. Through the initiative little children at the nursery chain across the UAE will learn to adopt a sustainable approach to preserve natural resources, reduce wastage and go green as best as possible. The measure has been taken in solidarity with Australians who are facing one of the worst wildfires in decades with devastation impacting human lives, property and more than 100 species of animals.

The eco-friendly initiatives to be carried out at the nurseries will feature practical steps that are both easy and workable. These include creating home-made Do-It-Yourself art materials, making eco-friendly laundry detergent, organising walks for children to collect trash, sorting garbage to recycle products, reusing items that are plastic-based, junk modelling and conserving electricity by using it as less possible, etc. Children will also conduct science experiments that highlight the perils of air pollution. Moreover, they will learn to plant seeds and nurture them to grow, as well as distribute seeds to raise awareness.

Commenting on the initiative, Dr Vandana Gandhi, Founder and CEO of British Orchard Nursery said: “As adults, it’s high time we contemplate on what we’re leaving behind for our children; the damage inflicted on our ecosystem is too evident to disregard now. By teaching young children different measures to go green, we want them to be compassionate and appreciate Mother Nature as early as possible and little steps that are sustainable will go a long way in improving our ecosystem. We’ve also added a sustainability as a key topic in the curriculum across all our branches to further cement these practices among the pre-schoolers.”

“As a reminder of the promise to protect our Earth and to drive home the tragedy of Australian bushfire, we have purchased koala bear soft toys for the nurseries, the proceeds of which went to an Australian charity. Moreover, we at British Orchard Nursery have collectively adopted mother and child koala bears in Australia,” added Dr Gandhi.

The Australian bushfires – fuelled by record-breaking temperatures and months of severe drought – have destroyed almost 25 million acres of bush, forests and parks across Australia and over billion native animals, besides killing more than 30 people. The British Orchard Nursery’s curriculum focuses on green methodology and through various practical approaches not only instills compassion for planet Earth in children, but also teaches them how to attain the CSR functions of the UN 2021 goals. The nursery chain is a proud recipient of the prestigious CSR label by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and the Arabia CSR award amongst the many quality and national awards it has won.