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Brighton College Abu Dhabi Sixth Formers Score Another Year of Record-Breaking A-Level Results

by Eddie Rayner

Brighton College Abu Dhabi pupils have once again achieved outstanding A-Level results. They have even beaten last year’s record haul of top grades, securing 85% A*-B in this year’s examinations. Even more important than the raw scores, the value-added score that pupils have achieved this year is (+1.25), reflecting the schools’ excellent teaching and learning.

This year’s outstanding results mean that, on average, a Brighton College Abu Dhabi pupil gains a grade and a quarter above statistical expectations. The results enable pupils to progress to the best universities around the world, with two pupils this year going on to Cambridge University and a third who has deferred his place until 2022.

After continual hard work and dedication from Brighton College Abu Dhabi pupils and staff, 63.3% of all grades achieved this year are A* – A grades, 85.1% of grades are A* – B, and 95.8% of the grades that have been achieved are A* – C.

Brighton College Abu Dhabi is extremely proud of the hard work and diligence of its UAE national pupils, who have achieved a fantastic 83% A*- B grades.

Pupils now progressing to prestigious universities around the globe, including the UK’s Cambridge University

High achieving pupils who are celebrating top level grades this year include the following pupils:

Yoobin An(Korean)4A*
Cara Easton(British)4A*
Mireya Arora(Indian)  3A* 1A
Ibrahim ArekatPalestinian)3A*
Euan Dalley(British)3A*
Sindhuja Renganathan(Australian)3A*
Sophie Biervert(German)3A*
Julien L’Her(Canadian)2A* 2A
Neha Nouman(British)2A* 2A
Carolina Beirne(Singaporean)2A* 1A
Davide Frenguelli(Italian)2A* 1A
Laura Hurn(British)2A* 1A
Sofia McLachlan Vazquez(British)2A* 1A
Lakshmi Mukundan(Indian)2A* 1A
Charlotte Stoll(British)2A* 1A
Sebastian Dunleavy(British)4A

Simon Corns, Head Master of Brighton College Abu Dhabi, said: “It is an extraordinary tribute to the resilience of our pupils that, despite the appalling challenges they have faced over the last two years from learning disruption, distance learning and unpredictability, that they have gone on to achieve such richly deserved distinction. The experience they engaged in at the school prior to the pandemic when they benefited from an enormous range of co-curricular activities, I am sure, has ensured that they are rounded human beings who can withstand the pressures to which young people are inevitably exposed and more than ever at the moment. I congratulate them all and the excellent staff who helped them to achieve these stunningly impressive grades in the school’s tenth year of operation.”

Amit Patel, Head of Sixth Form, added: Year 13 pupils throughout the world have endured and overcome many challenges that just two years ago many of us could have never imagined.  We are extremely proud of our pupils here at Brighton College Abu Dhabi, who have not only managed to cope with and navigate the obstacles that they faced, but have done so with determination, hard work and empathy to those around them.  The outstanding results that they have secured this year are down to the efforts of the pupils and the support of their har-working teachers. We have a number of pupils who have secured places to study Medicine, and two who will be studying at Cambridge this September. We now congratulate all our pupils as they move on to some of the finest universities around the world. Whether it is, St Andrews, Warwick or Durham in the UK, or Toronto, Penn State, NYUAD, or Auckland around the globe. We are proud of all their achievements and excited about their future adventures.