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Brighton College Abu Dhabi Sixth Formers Progressing to Prestigious Universities Around the Globe

by Eddie Rayner

Pupils Score Another Year of Outstanding A-Level Results

Brighton College Abu Dhabi pupils have achieved another set of outstanding A-Level results this year, despite the enormous pressures they have been subjected to over the last few months, and as always, will now progress to prestigious universities around the globe. This year, pupils have not only achieved stellar results, but have also have built up immense resilience in adversity, and even more confidence in the use of IT than previous cohorts have needed. The high marks achieved this year continue to build upon Brighton College’s year-on-year achievements which distinguish the school, yet again, as it heads towards its tenth year in operation in the Capital, and adding to its 150 years of education success with Brighton College UK.

After continual hard work and dedication from Brighton College Abu Dhabi pupils, 45.4% of all grades achieved this year were A* – A, 70.7% of grades achieved were A* – B, 89.3% of the grades achieved were A* – C, and the value added to this year’s results at 0.6, over half a grade added on average, shows the impact of excellent teaching at the College and a more significant statistic than raw results. Brighton College Abu Dhabi is extremely proud of the hard work and diligence of its UAE national pupils who have achieved 59% A*- B and 88% A* – C grades.

High achieving pupils who are celebrating top level grades this year include the following pupils:

  • Hazem Issa (Egyptian) 2A* 2A 1B
  • George Sebastian Hirjoaba (Romanian) 2A* 2A
  • Gyeongmin Noh (Korean) 2A* 2A
  • Razaan Ganatra (Canadian) 4A
  • Ahmed Shehata (Egyptian) 1A* 3A
  • Leen Kharouf (Jordanian) 2A* 1A
  • Kiran Mungroo (Trinidadian) 3A*
  • Lilianna Givanakis (Australian) 3A*
  • Ed Nur Aqil Jeffry (Singaporean) 1A* 2A
  • Jorge Diez Malo de Molina (Spanish) 3A
  • Hala Doshan (Palestiniaan) 3A
  • Awo Yusuf (Canadian) 3A

Simon Corns, Head Master of Brighton College Abu Dhabi said, “This school year has required extraordinary levels of resilience from pupils, parents and staff, and it is a massive tribute to all of the Brighton College Abu Dhabi community that our results are even better than last year’s. Ambiguities do remain about the appeals process and, if common sense prevails in the end, these results will improve further still, ensuring that all our pupils have grades which they have every right to be proud of. My thanks and congratulations go to all, whatever the outcome, and there is a team of expert and experienced teachers now available to all pupils and parents who need support as they seek to confirm university places and to challenge any results that seem unfair. We will be fighting hard for them!

Amit Patel, Head of Sixth Form said, “We are incredibly proud of the exceptional results achieved by our Class of 2020. As we know, they have endured a year like no other group of pupils, and they have demonstrated maturity and strength that proves that they are ready for the exciting challenges that lie ahead of them. I would like to thank parents and teachers for their part in guiding our pupils through the uncertainty, and for their support during such unprecedented times. As they now begin to accept university offers from around the world, we wish them the best of luck. The Brighton College Abu Dhabi Class of 2020 will be remembered for many years to come, not just for their ability to overcome, but for their kindness, their spirit and their warmth.”