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Bright Learners Private School Offers a Fee Structure and Educational Programme Flexible for Each Family and Student

by Eddie Rayner

Bright Learners Private School, one of the newest American schools in the UAE located in Al Rashidiya, Dubai, announces a brand new fee structure along with a monthly payment plan, in parallel to outlining its tailored learning programme for students. After a tumultuous start for schools in Dubai, seeing students continue their education between school and home, and the struggle faced by parents to meet pricey Dubai school fees, Bright Learners has again adjusted its tuition structure to continue to support parents experiencing the downfall of the economy, with an affordable, high-quality education paired with a tailored learning experience.

Bright Learners Private School has launched a new fee structure and payment plan targeting parents looking for financial relief without compromising on quality education to assist families amidst the current economic climate.

Bright Learners Private School launches a brand new fee structure

Since the opening of Bright Learners in September 2020, the institution has newly adjusted its yearly tuition to be one of the most modestly-priced private schools in Dubai with all-inclusive fees ranging from AED21,000 for Pre-K to AED 26,000 for Grade 4. Additionally, the school continues to bring solutions for families in need of flexibility by offering a monthly payment structure. Many families with children off to a late start in the academic year are on the lookout for schools with monthly payment options to avoid full term fees. Therefore, parents who are new to the emirate, or merely searching for a new school to meet their needs can look no further than Bright Learners Private School, as it offers monthly fees for all grade levels ranging from AED 2,275 for Pre-K to AED 2,775 for Grade 4. Not only are Bright Learners’ new fees and monthly payments helping parents’ wallets, but they also help put young children in a professional learning environment compared to many nurseries. Dubai nurseries cost a pretty penny, but by sending children directly to Bright Learners, they can begin their foundational learning years surrounded by licensed teachers and smoothly transition into the rest of their academic primary years.

Monthly payment plans are available for all grade levels from Pre-K to Grade 4

Paired with a fairly thought-out fee structure, Bright Learners uses a differentiated learning approach for its students’ education. Children enrolled at Bright Learners all come in with different education levels, and the school’s staff is trained to meet each student’s demands. No child is created equal, which means students require different learning styles. Upon admission into Bright Learners Private School, students are tested to better understand what methods are required for learning. To accommodate each student, every classroom at Bright Learners applies different math and reading lessons based on the various learning levels, complemented with a teaching assistant ready to help students in and out of the classroom. Differentiated instruction is an important part of a child’s education, and by taking an individualistic approach for each student, Bright Learners ensures a quality education for everyone in its community.

“It is our priority during a critical time like this to support our community by working with the needs of parents, and that means being as flexible as possible with fees, and accommodating students who have been in and out of school throughout the pandemic. We understand the current circumstances have impacted many families and affect financial aspects of the home, and our decision to provide these means of relief was with this in mind. A child’s education is of utmost importance to us, and our aim is to have zero interference.” commented Dr Adrianna Chestnut, Principal of Bright Learners Private School.

Offering its students a US Common Core Standards-based curriculum aligned with the Massachusetts State Standards in combination with the UAE’s National Curriculum for Arabic and Islamic Studies, Bright Learners Private School will help respond to the request of parents in the UAE looking for a balanced curriculum. Complementing the core curriculum, Bright Learners Private School has recruited professionals from all ends of the United States to fill the positions of various staff members from teachers to the Principal, allowing students to have an authentic American education in Dubai led by native teachers with a US background.

Bright Learners implements differentiated learning to accommodate each student’s learning needs

Bright Learners Private School’s mission is to nurture creative, inspired, collaborative, and innovative learners who are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and skills to make a positive impact on themselves and their environment. Through a comprehensive education, parents can expect their children to receive learning experiences designed to promote their maximum potential. Bright Learners Private School’s goal is to teach young minds how to become global citizens, be curious about their world, think critically, solve problems, and become independent learners. Prospective members of the school’s community will immediately notice they are dedicated to academic excellence and ensuring a bright future for every child.

An economical tuition fee met with a monthly payment plan and a tailored educational programme is sure to assist current residents and new-arriving families alike with a smooth, stress-free transition into the new school.

To enrol new students at Bright Learners Private School for the following academic year, please visit their website at brightlearners.ae where parents can find more information about Bright Learners Private School and the admissions process.