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Bright Learners Private School Announces Approval by KHDA for Incorporation of Grade 5 in 2021/2022

by Eddie Rayner

Bright Learners Private School, one of the latest American schools in Dubai, which launched in August 2020, announces its plan to integrate Grade 5 into its curriculum for the following academic year. After a successful year since its launch, overcoming all obstacles that came with opening a school during a global pandemic, Bright Learners Private School has been approved by the KHDA to offer Grade 5 to UAE residents in order to expand and continue catering to its eldest students.

In line with Bright Learners Private School’s mission to grow with its increasing student population, the school aims to incorporate new grade levels by the end of each academic year. With rising numbers of enrolment every month, the educational institution wishes to accommodate its students of all ages, removing any possibility of their education being disrupted by forced school transfers due to the absence of higher grade levels. The student body shapes the community of Bright Learners, and it works earnestly to meet the individual needs of every child and family. Accompanied by a differentiated learning environment, American teachers, and a sizable, newly renovated campus, Bright Learners is entirely equipped to serve its current and incoming students for years to come.

“Our administration is thrilled to be able to integrate Grade 5 into our curriculum after just one year of opening. Not only are we prepared to serve our students academically, but with our newly renovated campus as well, as our school grounds were renovated with the vision of one day becoming a full-fledged academic institution with all grade levels. Due to this, we are able to welcome new students and continue to maintain safety protocols when it comes to Covid-19 without having to make any compromises,” shares Dr. Adrianna Chestnut, Principal of Bright Learners Private School. 

Situated in Al Rashidiya, Dubai, Bright Learners Private School offers its students a US Common Core Standards based curriculum aligned with the Massachusetts state standards in combination with the UAE’s National Curriculum for Arabic and Islamic Studies. Assisting parents looking for a balanced education, the core curriculum is complemented by its American faculty and staff. Bright Learners Private School has recruited professionals from all ends of the United States to fill the positions of various staff members from teachers to the Principal, giving students the opportunity to have an authentic American education in Dubai. Not only is Bright Learners ready to teach children under US standards, it is also one of the most affordable private schools in Dubai with all-inclusive fees ranging from AED 21,000 to AED 26,000 per year, making it accessible to everyone.

Bright Learners Private School’s mission is to nurture creative, inspired, collaborative, and innovative learners who are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and skills to make a positive impact on themselves and their environment. Through a comprehensive education, parents can expect their children to receive learning experiences designed to promote their maximum potential. Bright Learners Private School’s goal is to teach young minds how to become global citizens, be curious about their world, think critically, solve problems, and become independent learners. Prospective members of the school’s community will immediately notice they are dedicated to academic excellence and ensuring a bright future for every child.

To enrol new students at Bright Learners Private School for the following academic year, please visit their website at https://brightlearners.ae/ where parents can find more information about Bright Learners Private School and the admissions process.