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Keeping Up with BETT UK

by Eddie Rayner

BETT, the leading global education events series, returned this January in London, UK, bringing together over 800 leading companies, 103 exciting new EdTech startups, and over 34,000 attendees from over 146 countries.

This illustrated how the global education community can come together to celebrate, find inspiration, and discuss the future of education, as well as seeing how technology and innovation enables educators and learners to thrive. With the main themes highlighting social emotional learning, connection, collaboration, and putting an emphasis on discussing real world issues, let’s take a look at what BETT UK was up to this year.

Day 1

On the first day, Bett UK 2020 welcomed a large and curious crowd full of students, educators, parents, and investors!

Day 2

Lenovo and Quizlet are among the many companies who drew in educators with inventive teaching methods. Right around the corner, visitors watched as Lego Education offered their hands-on learning techniques.

Day 3

The final day of BETT UK illuminated the wonderful world of Virtual Reality (VR) and how it enhances the way we interact with technology and the world around us.

Interested? Look no further! BETT MEA is coming to Dubai for the first time, on 22-23 September at the Festival Arena.

A look into a few of the Education Technology companies present at BETT UK

Microsoft was a booming presence at BETT UK this year, with the The Microsoft Training Academy offering educators a hands-on approach on how to learn and develop new and existing skills. Visitors were offered the chance to practice on inventive devices in sessions led by fellow peers and educators who were ready to share their experiences and tips and tricks! Keep an eye out for the upcoming Education UAE magazine issue where we feature an in-depth view of what Microsoft has been up to at BETT UK.

Alef Education, a global K-12 education technology company, has been transforming school systems with technology-enabled learning experiences. Today, over 50,000 students in more than 182 schools are served by Alef Education’s artificial intelligence system, providing relevant and real-time data that enables immediate intervention and support.

Do the words Creative Cloud ring a bell? That’s right, Adobe Education was present at BETT UK this year, providing tools that empower students to think creatively and communicate expressively, so they can turn their classroom ideas into college and career opportunities. They also hosted training at the Adobe Creative Academy, with daily special guest speakers, including the simple but useful Lightning Learning sessions.

Arduino is an electronics company providing hardware and open-sourced software with inventive kits and bundles for students to try their hand in coding, which after all, is the next big thing for the Generations X and Z once they enter the workforce. Click here to read about the top four Arduino kits your child should be using.

Learning maths and english is now much easier thanks to the adaptive and intelligent learning platform CENTURY offers. What does an artificial intelligence-powered classroom look like in practice? Visitors had the chance to see first-hand how CENTURY provides constantly-adapting personalised pathways for each student and powerful intervention data for teachers.