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Benefitting from Work Experience

by Eddie Rayner

As students get back to the classroom, there is a need for them to start thinking about the boardroom and beyond. There was a time when internships were a bonus to have, but now with changes to curriculums it has become mandatory for students to complete work experience before they graduate.

What does your child need to consider? Some students share their experience as well as leads on what to look out for.

Etihad Airways
Adam Woolhouse

“I worked with Etihad Airways for five days. I had an amazing experience shadowing the cabin crew on the first day, where I observed them complete their emergency/CPR training in Etihad’s mock cabins. The instructor invited me to participate in the training, giving me the chance to experience the full motion cabin simulator while watching the highly trained crew practice their in-flight procedures. On day two I was able to shadow two pilots as they did simulator training in a state-of-the-art Boeing 787 simulator.”

Adam Woolhouse is a Year 10 student at Aldar Academies Al Bateen Academy

His advice: “Start work as soon as possible. Find work that you know you will love or that may benefit you in the future, and even if you don’t find a place you love, still make the most of it because you are guaranteed to learn new skills and knowledge.”

The National Newspaper
Mariam Almallah

“I was given the opportunity to write my very own article published in both the newspaper and online. This allowed me to see the ins and outs of how an article is carried through various departments of the newspaper. Writing my own story showed me that we are all surrounded by news that needs to be told, and how journalists have a unique flair that allows them to detect a story and write in up in a way that is not only educational, but entertaining … which can sometimes be a tricky task.”

Mariam Almallah is a Year 13 student at Brighton College Abu Dhabi

Her advice: “What is most important when undertaking work experience is making sure that you enjoy what you are doing and the atmosphere is positive.”

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and Ardent Advisory and Accounting LLC
Olutimilehin ‘Timi’ Adekeye

“In 2018, I did a summer internship at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. Working at such a reputable organisation gave me the opportunity to refine my teamwork skills through collaboration with other interns and gain an understanding of how large businesses function. The transferrable skills I acquired from this programme will help me to become a valuable member of a company’s workforce.

Olutimilehin ‘Timi’ Adekeye is a Year 12 student at Brighton College Abu Dhabi.

“I have also done a work placement at Ardent Advisory and Accounting LLC. This company gave me comprehensive knowledge of pressing topics in the business world, ranging from corporate governance to stock exchange policies in different regions across the globe.”

His advice: “Fostering relationships with faculty (particularly through LinkedIn) may increase the likelihood of students finding internships after they graduate.”

Bhavika Lilani says that this programme would have given her a good start to a career had it been in place when she was in school. “I would have gained insight in selecting a program of my interest in a university too. Moreover, I would be highly motivated in studying the course chosen and in getting more work experience if I had gotten exposure to the industry.”

Bhavika Lilani is a Year 3 student at the University of Wollongong in Dubai.