Be a Maker

by Eddie Rayner

New programmes being run in two schools in the UAE are providing students with a wonderful opportunity to extend their learning with new and innovative subjects and environments.

Abu-Dhabi-based Mayoor Private School, a CBSE school, has become the first in the nation’s capital to incorporate Maker Learning into its curriculum. Maker Learning is a powerful pedagogy and practice that empowers young learners to be creative and critical thinkers, own their learning, and to really explore engineering. In the past academic year, Grade 7 student Selvanayagam made an innovative Kit-Kat vending machine during his Tinkering Studio class using cardboard construction.

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Over at Horizon English School in Dubai, the STEAM curriculum is allowing young learners to build and develop their skills in problem solving, collaboration, communication, and emotional intelligence, with head teacher Ian Wallace explaining: “In order to really excel, the opportunity to apply these skills to a real life context that benefits others positively, will enable real mastery in these transferable skills. This is important, as in today’s society children should be able to differentiate and understand how they can be successful, not just for personal gain but for the benefit of others also.

“The new STEAM facility will be led by a variety of subject specialists, overseen by the school’s deputy headteachers, who have driven the creation and design of the new curriculum offering and overseen curriculum mapping. Through the new STEAM approach, students will gain a unique understanding and a shift in mindset into evaluating their own personal contribution to society.”

Images of Mayoor Private School ‘Maker’ Classroom