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Back to School Advice

by Eddie Rayner

Parents and students across the country are celebrating as the summer comes to an end and another school year begins! Keep an eye out for fun bits of advice for this year from educators in the UAE.

Students, routines are very important! This way you know what to expect. Get home. Have a Snack. Set some free time for yourself. Then tackle homework. Whatever works for you, but make it a routine.


Parents, help your child focus on developing emotional strength and resilience by devoting energy to the traits of mindfulness including the development of tolerance and empathy.

Sadia Wajid
Principal at Al Sadiq Islamic English School

Set goals for the school year. What do you want to achieve? What will you try that is new? What new friends will you make?

Dr Stephanie Chattman, Principal at Universal American School

Parents, a growth mindset and grit may matter more to overall success for your child in life than native intelligence. You become more optimistic, take up challenges with ease, and believe that life is beautiful.

Sheela George
Principal at ASPAM Indian International School

Parents, have conversations with your children each day regarding relevant learning activities in the classroom and celebrate their achievements at home.

Tiffany Brooks
Principal at American International School

Parents, please remember to remain relaxed and happy, your children will feed off your energy.

Sukaiyna Gokal, Founder at Garden of Ayden

READ, READ, READ everyday! Reading helps you in all subject areas and helps you in life! So my biggest advice is to read everyday!

Andy Lyons
Director at Ignite School

Make a point to reconnect with friends once school starts but don’t be afraid to branch out and meet new friends that are different from you.

Dr Stephanie Chattman
Principal at Universal American School

Realise that your teachers are there to help you so don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Dr Stephanie Chattman, Principal at Universal American School

Get organised! Use folders and binders for every subject right from the beginning. Get a planner so you can write down reminders, deadlines, and important dates. You are more inclined to remember when you write things down.

 Andy Lyons
Director at Ignite School

Switching to a new school is an opportunity for a fresh start; to reinvent yourself, to enjoy new activities, and to make additional friends, not replace older ones.

Sukaiyna Gokal
Founder at Garden of Ayden

Students, take ownership; learn from mistakes, and think of ways to help more people.

Paul Grimaud, Principal at Al Resalah American International School

Prepare all your backpack supplies the night before so in the morning you’re not rushed.

Andy Lyons
Director at Ignite School

It’s important to make time for yourself before school and do something that interests you.

Dr Stephanie Chattman
Principal at Universal American School

When a child sets their own goals, whether it is academic or personal, they are encouraged to work hard in order to attain them. Celebrate when a goal is met. Recognising the accomplishment is very important.

Andy Lyons, Director at Ignite School