Award-Winning Solutions

by Eddie Rayner

Educators Desk and the University of London joined together to present Mirai, MENASA’s first learning innovations organisation, with the ‘Education Technology Solutions of the Year’ award.

Mirai’s key focus has been on delivering innovative, impactful, and affordable solutions that focus on some of the world’s most pressing needs in education, with the larger aim of ensuring these solutions can increase the quality of education for students, reduce teacher workload, and allow school leaders to make data-informed decisions.

Some of these solutions include Gradewise – a teaching and learning platform focused on exam prep for all British qualifications that increases student attainment from the first assignment and dramatically reduces teacher workload – and Amplify – a next generation curriculum and assessment platform with core and supplemental programs in ELA, math, and science.

“As educators, we are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring our students have access to the skills and education required for the workplaces they enter,” Nyla Khan, Co-founder of Mirai says. “While there is a need for education technology in making this happen, school leaders are often constrained by questions such as Out of the hundreds of choices, which solution should they should opt for? Are these solutions going to create the impact they promise? Are they affordable? Understanding this reality, we at Mirai, focused our efforts in traveling across the world to source education technology solutions that have demonstrated impact, that are affordable and that can be tailored to the specific needs of schools in the region.”