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Australian Pavilion Presents ‘New Era’ of Education

by Eddie Rayner

Australian education experts from leading local and international organisations join Expo 2020 Dubai to discuss how they are rethinking education for the new era. 

From 10 – 16 December, Australian education experts from world-renowned organisations participated in events and panel talks as part of Expo 2020 Dubai, Knowledge & Learning Week. Study Australia will also be launching a new series of Masterclass videos from the country’s top-ranking universities and professors, available to view globally and free of charge, in February 2022, as well as a live Masterclass at the Australian Pavilion. 

Australia featured 36 universities in the top 1000 QS World University Rankings 2021, and is home to seven of the world’s top 100 universities, demonstrating a consistent strength in rankings each year. This performance positions the nation as a destination of choice for study, learning and discovery, and has secured its international status as a leader and pioneer in education. 

Australia featured 36 universities in the top 1000 QS World University Rankings 2021

Speakers at Expo included Mikaela Jade, CEO of Edu-tech company Indigital, and Professors of leading Australian Universities with campuses in the United Arab Emirates, Professor Mohamed Salem of University of Wollongong Dubai (UOWD) and Dr Madhavi Ayyagari of Murdoch University Dubai Business School. 

Dubai-based Professor Salem and Dr Ayyagari both joined the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) K&L Thematic Business Forum. 

Since joining UOWD in 2004, Professor Salem has held Higher Education leadership positions in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences and was appointed President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Middle East and North Africa) of the University in 2014. Highlighting Australia’s commitment to providing world-class education, Professor Salem stated:  “With the outstanding support from the Australian Pavilion, we are delighted to have our academics and thought leaders showcase the university’s commitment to education and contribute to the UAE’s future generations. World Expos in the past have brought together key thinkers and leaders from across countries and industries, in the spirit of community, collaboration and creativity – helping to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems”

Professor Salem’s talk at Expo focused on transnational education as a means to improve global education. 

Dr Madhavi Ayyagari, Head of Business School and Chair-Research Committee member at Murdoch University Dubai is also Executive Director at Mindsbourg, a business management consultancy in the region focusing on insights-based strategy and co-consulting models. Dr Ayyagari led panel discussing ways of driving the entrepreneurship ecosystem, and how modern entrepreneurial knowledge is key to human development in the era of innovation. 

The remaining speakers were further active examples of how Australia is leading the way in rethinking and reshaping education for the future, including approaching training and knowledge sharing from innovative angles. 

Mikaela Jade, the founder of Indigital, spoke about the role of emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in advancing education, as part of Indigital’s work as Australia’s first Indigenous Edu-tech company. CEO of Bus Stop Films, and active member of the Deaf community, Tracey Corbin-Matchett, was invited to run her innovative workshop on educating filmmakers to be more inclusive to marginalised groups and people living with disabilities. 

The Australian education system currently offers 22,000 courses across 1,100 education providers

The speakers are among many examples of Australia’s world-leading capabilities in education, training, and thought leadership demonstrated at the Australian Pavilion during Expo 2020. 

The Australian education system currently offers 22,000 courses across 1,100 education providers, with 43 universities registered to deliver programs to international students. Australian Universities are also committed to helping solve global challenges, with four institutions ranked in the top 10 in the Times Higher Education Impact rating for providing vital research and solutions to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Justin McGowan, Commissioner General of Australia at Expo 2020 Dubai, previously noted: “The remote geographical nature of Australia is not a roadblock in sharing our innovative, diverse and inclusive learning opportunities. Our facilities and courses have adapted to the ‘new normal’ of learning from afar, as Australia continues to focus on, and invest in, the development of Edu-tech and learning technologies to support these unprecedented times.”

Following the successful release of a Masterclass Series earlier this year, a new series of educational videos from Australia’s leading academics and researchers will be released by Study Australia, in February 2022. The series includes Noble Laureate Professor Brian Schmidt on The Expansion of the Universe; Associate Professor Farah Magrabi on Patient Safety Risks of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare; and Professor Usha Lyer-Rangiger on the Circular Economy, among many others.   

A live masterclass will even be held at the Australian Pavilion during February at Expo 2020 Dubai.