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AUS Students Exploring New Opportunities

by Eddie Rayner

The security and management of data, described as the Middle East’s ‘new oil’, will become increasingly important for individuals and organisations in the future. The merging fields related to data science will offer enormous opportunities for those who know how to capture, analyse, and present data.

Students at American University of Sharjah (AUS) are well-prepared for this data revolution through degree programmes, courses, and minors. These include a new minor in data science that was launched this semester and is available to all undergraduate students, regardless of the degree they are seeking. Related offerings include the Department of Marketing and Information Systems’ newly updated courses in digital marketing, digital security, data visualisation, and business analytics, and the College of Engineering’s Bachelor of Science in computer science and minor in computer science.

Graduates with a strong knowledge of data science are valuable regardless of the industry they are entering. From marketing to medicine, from engineering to space exploration, data scientists are required to ensure organisations are making evidence-based decisions. Whether it is optimising outcomes of cancer patients or increasing advertising-driven sales, the proper collection, management, and analysis of data can improve results and outcomes.

For AUS students an array of career opportunities await. Business intelligence developers, data architects, machine learning engineers, and infrastructure architects are just some of the roles that will require a background in data science. Some careers requiring a data science background may not even exist yet, escalating the need for universities such as AUS to build capacity in the area.

For AUS graduate Kevin Rose Dias, data science has opened many doors to interesting work. Now employed as a senior data analyst in Toronto, Canada, he explained: “Data science is ever-evolving, which means new challenges and opportunities for disruptive work constantly emerge all around the world. I have worked on large-scale data projects for multinational corporations, and am now employed by a global marketing agency. If you have an insatiable curiosity and value innovation and technological change, I would highly recommend considering a career in data science.”

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