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Artificial Intelligence: Understanding Your Child

by Eddie Rayner

At every family get-together, children are always badgered with the inevitable question: what do you want to be when you grow up? As teenagers step into their final years of schooling, their answer becomes less and less confident as they are faced with a certain amount of uncertainty in the many decisions they have to make.

Wouldn’t it be easier if someone would come up with highly intelligent and personalised technology, that tells you which career paths you will thrive in? And then it even shows you how to get there? Has someone already done this?

We speak to Geoffrey Alphonso, the CEO of Alef Education, to understand what the future holds for the new generation of learners.

“Alef Education provides a holistic solution driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that engages learners to provide a futuristic education experience,” Geoffrey states. “We use a data-rich ecosystem to provide real time and instant feedback
to all education stakeholders in the learner ecosystem from students to teachers to school leaders and parents.”

At its core essence the Alef platform collects data every time a student, teacher, or parent interacts with it. With this data, machine learning and algorithms can drive key insights into the entire education ecosystem, providing for a level of information that is usually a black box in traditional education systems.

“We care about every student’s long-term development, including their ability to be engaged and reach their full learning potential. We want to provide teachers with tools that save time and allow them to focus on core instruction in their classrooms,” shares Geoffrey.

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The Education Factor

“At Alef Education, driving an AI-first approach requires a plethora of data, and once this data is accessible, the ability for machines to process and draw insights that can be used to better the entire education ecosystem is limitless,” Geoffrey explains.

The AI focuses on every child individually at the same time, something a teacher isn’t able to do for everyone in the classroom at once. The personalized nature of the learning across all core curriculum subjects in the Alef Platform allows for the cross examination of skills. For example, the system can detect if a student struggling at a science concept is linked to a missing skill from a previous topic or from a different core subject. The teacher can then help facilitate learning to close missing skills.

The future hypothesis is that data rich ecosystems powered by machine learning and AI will drive student insight and help guide our future leaders into the right future careers.

Geoffrey shares, “The promise of AI technology is to empower human beings to perform tasks with incredible precision, capacity, and speed. As envisioned by futurists and technology experts, the algorithms of AI may one day understand human beings more than we understand ourselves; however we must always understand that machines will never replace humans, they will provide us
with insights that will require human intelligence to infer and analyse data in
a way that has never been done before.”

Geoffrey Alphonso is the CEO of Alef Education. He is a thought leader in the eld of Education Technology and has an MBA from London Business School.

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