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An ‘Out of this World’ Experience for Students

by Eddie Rayner

Over 70 students from Grade 5 at Nibras International School, Dubai, had the unique opportunity to virtually meet and speak to ‘astronaut candidate’, Mohammed Sallam. Sallam, the only remaining Arab participant from the Middle East in the Mars One Mission, answered questions from students and shared some valuable information about space and the planet Mars.

“Space is my passion, and I am a curious guy. Every day I need to learn something new or explore a new thing,” Sallam explained to the students. “When I was your age, I got to find out about the solar system. We found out about the eight planets, and I used to ask what is their purpose? Are there people there? I was told no, but I couldn’t really believe that. That is when I decided if there is a mission to explore these places I want to be there,” he said when asked about what made him want to become a part of this mission.

The Mars One Mission began with 200,000 global participants and will end with 24 finalists being selected next year; they will then start training to be a part of the 2031 mission to Mars.