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An MBA Unlike Any Other

by Eddie Rayner

From managing a restaurant or hotel to organising events and catering, there are a variety of hospitality careers on offer if you have the right skills and qualifications. And as a leading global player in the hospitality industry, with over 100,000 hotel rooms and brands, Dubai is an excellent location to follow such a vocation.

To those people with a genuine interest in building a career in the hospitality industry, there can be no better starting point than The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM): an internationally recognised education provider that offers a broad portfolio of programmes in the fields of tourism and hospitality management.

To be found opposite the iconic Burj Al Arab, EAHM is set in a pulsating neighbourhood where students have the opportunity to grow, learn and flourish in the first and only university in the Middle East to dedicate itself to hospitality. Moreover, its boutique-sized educational experience – small classrooms that give students an intimate space in which to obtain knowledge and expertise – is formally accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education, Institute of Hospitality in the UK, and the International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE) in Australasia.

An MBA is becoming crucial for hospitality employees

EAHM’s programmes include a three-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in International Hospitality Management with Honours and a one-year plus dissertation Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Hospitality Management.

The MBA is unlike any other, allowing students to work and study concurrently if required. Furthermore, it has been benchmarked against 15 other internationally-recognised master’s-level courses and has been put together by over 60 global senior industry executives who have contributed to its structure and content. Or to put it another way, students learn from the best in the business.

EAHM graduates have recorded a 97% employment rate, with successful applications in over 100 companies across 40-plus countries

Students can engage in an array of different options, such as digital marketing, event operations and risk management, innovation leadership, law and ethics in the business world, special interest tourism, and cross-cultural selling and marketing.

As the world has adapted to the ‘new normal’, there is a growth in demand for hospitality. As a result, those starting an MBA now will graduate at a time when the industry will be enjoying a renaissance. In particular, it will be looking for highly qualified, well-informed and skilled managers to deliver hospitality services in a fresh and exciting new way. With the skills and network EAHM’s MBA provides, students will be equipped to show the way in a new age of hospitality.

A World-Class Hospitality Education
The master’s degree equips students with a competitive advantage in management, teamwork and strategic thinking, complemented by extremely employable skills that are valuable across a range of senior positions. With hands-on experience in some of the world’s most renowned and sought-after brands, EAHM graduates have recorded a 97% employment rate, with successful applications in more than 100 companies across 40-plus countries.

There are many reasons for this level of success, not least that EAHM has a veteran team of faculty members that are internationally acclaimed by organisations such as the World Tourism Organisation and the United Nations as experts in the field. In addition, they possess wide-ranging industry experience and pass on expert knowledge armed with PhD qualifications.

What really sets EAHM apart from its competitors is its partnership with the Jumeirah Group, which gives students direct management experience at the iconic Burj Al Arab and Madinat Jumeirah. This gives them an in-depth insight into the operations of world-famous brands, in fields such as human resources, food and beverage, marketing and more.

One of the top 10 hospitality schools globally

Dr Michael Newnham, Associate Dean at EAHM, sums up the experience for students, explaining: “One of the top 10 hospitality schools globally, The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, aims to provide a strong foundation in International Hospitality Management to start or accelerate your career. Bachelor students are immersed in three years of intensive study spanning all aspects of hospitality.” management, including practical skills and an internship. MBA students can study full-time or part-time, with classes run in the evenings. The quality of our education is reflected in a 97% employment rate among recent graduates. Our learning environment is personalised, industry-leading faculty are highly qualified, and our facilities are first class. There is no better place to gain a world-class hospitality education.”

An MBA is becoming essential for hospitality employees to acquire executive-level positions within the industry, with many businesses looking for individuals with commercial acumen, critical thinking and networking skills – skills that with EAHM are developed from day one.

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