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Alef Education Brings Home Two Guinness World Records™ titles to Abu Dhabi

by Eddie Rayner

Alef Education, the leading K12 education technology company smashed two Guinness World Records™ titles for Most users to take an online infection control lesson in 24 hours and Most users to take an online pandemic awareness lesson in 24 hours. Alef Education is synonymous with providing creative and innovative AI-powered educational solutions to institutions and individuals alike. These record-breaking events were part of Alef Education’s aim to equip the younger generation with life skills especially during the Covid-19 era, and to encourage students to participate in hands-on training for infection control and pandemic awareness.

The two records were a feat wherein 1,011 users successfully completed the infection control lesson within 24 hours, while a massive 37,545 users completed the pandemic awareness lesson in the same period of time. The positive impact of Covid-19 is a more conscious lifestyle amongst this generation and the imperative need for awareness of proper infection control. UAE citizens and residents came together to take online courses and help put Alef Education on the world map through this awards.

The first record-breaking course “Infection Control” was held in August, within the framework of its Alef Summer Program that was aimed at preparing a skillful generation of youth ready to handle healthcare contingencies and raising awareness about various healthcare professions that have not been in the limelight over the years, such as nursing. The second record-breaking course “Pandemic Awareness” was held in October, and aimed to spread awareness of COVID-19, and precautionary measures to protect against the virus. Both courses were taken through the innovative award-winning AI-powered Alef Platform.

Aishah Al Yammahi, Board Advisor at Alef Education stated, “We are really proud of such achievements; they embodies the spirit of the wise leadership of our beloved country United Arab Emirates. In these trying times when everything is going online, we wanted to do our part for a safer healthier community. These courses imparted knowledge and challenged people by reminding them that achievements can be as easy as taking a course online and making global records.”

Geoffrey Alphonso, CEO of Alef Education, explained: “Alef Education reflects this country’s determination to overcome any hurdle while striving to achieve the impossible and pioneering trends. The Guinness World Records™ titles that we brought home to Abu Dhabi aimed to encourage and motivate our youth, for they hold the key to a healthier future for our communities and country. The team spirit to accomplish this target in the given time is a testament of the unwavering will of the UAE.”

He further explained, “At Alef Education we work multifold to provide tailor-made engaging solutions and keep the students abreast of the evolving technological and scientific needs of the society, these courses may have been taken by thousands of users but they will benefit multi-thousand more”. As the new academic year kicks off, Alef Education’s team is all geared up to bring forth the genius apps and programs they have put together with the expert inputs of their resident teachers, professors and computer geeks. Students, parents, teachers and principals are going to be a click away from professional assistance.