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Aldar Education hosts Abu Dhabi’s first entrepreneurial conference for students

by Eddie Rayner

First-ever conference to have taken place this weekend in partnership with 7billionideas

Aldar Education, Abu Dhabi’s leading education provider, hosted the capital’s first-ever entrepreneurial conference exclusively for students. Held in partnership with 7billionideas, an international award-winning education company, the conference took place from 22nd to 23rd November at West Yas Academy. 

Aimed at equipping students with essential skills for their future, the conference featured workshops that focus on developing abilities such as teamwork and public speaking.

“With the rapid growth of new technologies, it’s becoming even more pressing to equip young people with skills and experience that will enable them to engage effectively with the new industry” says Joseph Kotarski, Principal and CEO of West Yas Academy.

“With the help of 7billionideas, we are hoping to offer our students a true insight into the world of entrepreneurship.”

7billionideas is an international award-winning education company based in the UK that has worked with over 75,000 students and provides opportunities for students to identify problems, generate ideas, and then plan and implement them. Their courses cater to all ages, and every environment.

The event was open to students from Grades 6 to 10 (Year 7 to 11 in the British system) from across the United Arab Emirates and participating students were awarded a Certificate of Entrepreneurship at the end of the conference. 


The Aldar Education group has grown from one Academy consisting of a  247-student facility in 2007, into a highly sought-after institution supporting over 21,000 students across 19 education institutions based in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Overseen by CEO Sahar Cooper and a Board of Directors that includes the Chairman of Aldar Properties, Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Aldar Education is led by three simple commitments: purpose, promise and values which aim to empower the next generation to shape the future, deliver the highest standards of education and inspire a love of learning and deliver globally-focused education with creativity at its core.

Aldar Education believes in being inclusive; that all children should have access to a quality education with pathways that enable them to access not only academic excellence but also personal and social education, wellbeing and leadership skills.