by Eddie Rayner
  • Al Bateen Academy’s IB exam results are its highest in three years, with a 96 per cent pass rate achieved overall
  • The school has significantly outperformed the global average result for five consecutive years
  • 18-year-old Lujayne Rashid had to return to Canada for six months of urgent medical treatment
  • The inspirational student was supported by Al Bateen Academy through a series of specially created online classes implemented well before the recent worldwide shift to home schooling, resulting in her incredible achievement of 35 points, significantly better than the global average score
  • Student and family credit Al Bateen Academy’s teacher’s commitment as a major factor in her success

A young Al Bateen Academy student forced to take six months out of her International Baccalaureate studies due to illness is celebrating today after overcoming adversity to secure 35 points in her exams, significantly above the global average.

Lujayne Rashid, Al Bateen Academy

Lujayne Rashid, an 18-year-old Canadian student at Al Bateen Academy, was diagnosed with scoliosis – a gradually increasing curvature of the spine – and had to travel back to Canada for urgent surgery.

The treatment prevented her from attending her classes for more than six months of the school’s 18-month International Baccalaureate programme.

Despite spells of prolonged hospitalisation and intense medication to reduce pain and aid recovery, she was determined to excel and her commitment has paid off.

To support her during her prolonged absence, Al Bateen Academy created a specially tailored distance learning programme that was implemented well before the recent home schooling changes came into effect, demonstrating Aldar Academies’ innovative and inclusive approach.

“In-spite of the pain, she attempted all subject papers with pure grit and determination. I was surprised by her motivation despite being in debilitating pain and feeling extremely uncomfortable, said Saher Gaber, Lujayne’s mother.

“I am extremely proud that she has done so well and deeply grateful for her. Lujayne is an inspiration to others and an outstanding example of what a human being can achieve if he or she has the determination to succeed and the support of devoted parents, an amazing school, as well as dedicated and helpful teachers.”

“If there is one thing Lujayne will remember from her time at Al Bateen Academy, it will be the incredible support she received from her teachers at the school. They were very understanding to her condition and needs. They encouraged her to think positively and visualise herself as healthy and vibrant after surgery,” she added.

“Enduring bracing and spinal fusion surgery helped me develop a depth of character that has convinced me that I can do anything that I set my mind to,” Lujayne said.

Following the exam results triumph, Lujayne is looking forward to starting her major in tourism and hospitality at European International College in Abu Dhabi in September.

“I feel so, so happy. I can’t wait for my next chapter and to start my college studies. I must thank all my teachers at Al Bateen Academy who have been so supportive during my time here and while away in Canada. I also want to thank my parents who stood by me and helped me shine despite all the challenges,” Lujayne added.

Overall, Al Bateen Academy celebrated a 96 per cent pass rate – its highest since 2017, with the 32 points average score attained by its International Baccalaureate students again ranking well above the global average for the past five years.

Fifteen per cent of all Al Bateen Academy’s students scored above 40 points, placing them in the top 5 per cent of IB students globally. The achievement is a remarkable one considering the recent distance learning challenges faced by students since March, further cementing Al Bateen Academy’s reputation for educational excellence in the UAE.

Sahar Cooper, CEO of Aldar Education, said: “I am extremely proud of the results that we have achieved this year. I would like to thank all the teaching staff for their incredible efforts during the past 18 months. Their hard work, commitment and support has ensured that, once again, all our International Baccalaureate students have performed superbly, and I congratulate everyone on their hard-earned success.”

“At Aldar Education, our ethos is to develop every student’s potential to the maximum and this is borne out by our achievements year after year. Al Bateen Academy has now exceeded the global average score in the International Baccalaureate examinations for the fifth consecutive year. To have achieved such success in academic year of unprecedented circumstances speaks volumes about our students. They have responded to new challenges with resilience and dedication to excel; they truly embody our vision and values and are an inspiration to us all.”