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Akon Talks Sustainability

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Innovative students building solar model race cars and helping to plan the 2nd International Junior Solar Sprint were visibly thrilled at the participation of world-renowned singer, producer, entrepreneur, and solar energy champion, Akon.

In an interview with CNN at Fairgreen International School (FIS) in Dubai, Akon said: “A sustainable world is going to be huge for us in the future. I think it’s very important to start at this age, educating students in sustainable ideas and goals. I think every school around the world should have a sustainable curriculum. Where the world is going, that’s what’s going to be necessary for the world to operate.”

Star innovators and engineers from FIS and Denver Academy (DA) in the USA designed and engineered solar model cars and competed under the sun on their respective sides of the planet this year.

Adam Hall, FIS science teacher said, “Last year, middle school students gave it their all, with the top racers in Dubai finishing within 0.34 seconds of the fastest team from Denver. This race has helped my students understand even the slightest improvement can make a difference in an engineering outcome.”