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ADU’s College of Health Sciences Seeks to Elevate its Academic Offering

by Eddie Rayner

Following its Advisory Board Meeting, Abu Dhabi University (ADU) ‘s College of Health Sciences (COHS) has announced the intention to enhance its academic programmes in line with the UAE’s national agenda. The decision to revise the College’s academic offering was made following the College Advisory Board’s recommendations.

Keeping in mind current and future market needs and continuously providing a comprehensive and distinguished academic experience for students, the College identified a set of plans which focus on scaling up its research efforts. Therefore, the meeting should develop a research strategy to enhance cooperation between faculty members and students, establish a database with a large data unit and identify areas of research that are relevant to the local community.

The College also reviewed its organizational structure, which includes the Departments of Biomedical Sciences and Public Health and Environment, and established means of enhancing the courses offered by said departments. Additionally, the College Advisory Board explored the possibility of establishing new healthcare-related colleges at ADU.

Professor Wassim Y. Almawi, Dean of the College of Health Sciences at ADU, attended the meeting, in addition to board members hailing from local and international academic and health institutions from the United States, Canada, South Africa, Lebanon and Bahrain.

Almawi said: “The College of Health Sciences continuously explores and seizes opportunities which aim to improve its students’ experience. We are committed to providing pioneering health programmes that keep pace with the needs of both the growing market as well as the local community, especially in light of the exceptional health challenges that the world is witnessing, which call for more agility, adaptability and development.

“It gave me great pleasure to meet with the Advisory Board of the College of Health Sciences to exchange knowledge, share ideas and experiences. This will undoubtedly contribute to maintaining ADU’s position as a leading academic institution which provides the market with distinguished competencies in various fields. We are especially dedicated to developing market-ready talent for the healthcare sector through the innovative programmes offered by the College of Health Sciences.”

The College of Health Sciences is the newest College introduced by ADU. It focuses on providing an outstanding academic experience in Public Health, Environmental Health and Safety, Nutrition and Biomedical Sciences. Additionally, it provides advanced research opportunities for students and allows them to engage with peers on a local, regional and international level.

For more information about the College of Health Sciences in ADU, please visit: https://www.adu.ac.ae/ar/study/colleges/college-of-health-sciences/Programs/