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ADEK Creates Transparency in Private Sector Employability

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The profiles of all 24,471 private school employees in the Emirate of Abu 

Dhabi are now available on the Private Schools Abu Dhabi Staff System (PASS), an electronic portal managed by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK).

The education sector regulator said the system aims to record verified profile information and documents for each individual employee in the private schooling sector. It will also function as a staff appointment system, and will ease the process of obtaining approvals from ADEK for staff contract creation, renewals, and amendments.

Majeda Al Kait, Manager of Facilitation and Support at ADEK’s licensing sector explained: “Apart from creating transparency in details regarding all individuals working at a particular school, PASS will facilitate the shifting, employment, or renewal process for all employees working in private schools, and capture all their information in one platform.”

Users can obtain detailed information about ADEK’s employment eligibility and criteria, including years of experience and qualifications required for each position. PASS is also connected to ADEK’s student information system, eSIS.

ADEK will continue to provide regular support to school employees about PASS.