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Add Some Style to Your Sporty Wardrobe

by Eddie Rayner

It’s important to look after yourself and stay healthy post the Ramadan period, and people who are particularly into their fitness are keeping up with their exercise routines during the holy month with a few modifications.

However, fitness conscious consumers often struggle to decide on suitable workout clothes to wear to the gym. Can you relate? Don’t worry, because MAX experts are about to make things a little bit easier for you:

1. Athleisure looks so much chicer and pulled-together when you wear one all-over colour. A sophisticated monochromatic ensemble is a fail-safe choice at the gym and outside. Choose matching sweatshirts and ankle-length joggers in monochrome colours. Keep that athleisure energy by adding your favourite sneakers.

2. Active-wear is supremely comfortable and can look surprisingly chic – pick vibrant colours and prints like this striped olive green T-shirt and shorts combo for women that you can rock at the gym and also outside an exercise environment.

Choose matching sweatshirts and ankle-length joggers in monochrome colours

3. A quick-dry T-shirt is probably the most versatile piece of active-wear clothing men can own. It can be paired with jog pants or shorts and looks great both in and outside the gym. Throw on some sporty sneakers, and you’ve got yourself a cool outfit. 

4. Let this be a lesson to us all: there’s never a wrong occasion to wear sweatpants. Pair a T-shirt with printed jog pants for a look that is perfectly suited for a range of highly intensive physical activities, at the gym and outside.

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