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Abu Dhabi University’s Programming Course Reaches More Than 1,800 Future Coders

by Eddie Rayner

In line with Abu Dhabi University’s (ADU) ‘Investing in Our Community’ initiative, ADU recently offered a programming course that reached more than 1,800 individuals from 300 schools, universities and companies across more than 50 countries. The ‘Building Sophisticated Apps Using Visual Coding Platform’ course offered participants the opportunity to develop the fundamental coding skills required for application development, as part of the National Program for Coders.

Selected among eight national universities under the National Program for Coders, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ADU aims to empower students, coders, entrepreneurs, start-ups and large companies through innovative training sessions focused on programming applications, coding techniques and tools already being used in various sectors.

ADU was selected among eight national universities to train 20,000 individuals as part of the National Program for Coders, launched by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Dr Hamdi Sheibani, Dean of College of Engineering at ADU, said, “As technology continues to shape the future trajectory of multiple industries and sectors, digital literacy has become ever more critical in today’s world. To prepare our students and the larger community for this increasingly tech-driven world, Abu Dhabi University continues to invest its resources in programs and courses focused on current and emerging employability skills and knowledge. Our programming courses support the directives of the UAE leadership and are designed to empower our students to fulfil the ever-growing demand for digital literacy.”

Dr Hamad Odhabi, Director of ADU – Al Ain and Dubai Campus, said, “Abu Dhabi University has a proud track record of investing in the community and our participation in the National Program for Coders, along with seven other reputable universities in the UAE, is another milestone worth celebrating. We are extremely proud of ADU’s efforts in shaping the skills and minds of future coders through a programming course that has honed the knowledge of the participants and equipped them with a higher level of digital proficiency in order to succeed in the workplace of tomorrow.”

Upon completion of the course, participants are developing apps for social media, education, health, and entertainment and have been equipped with the essential skills to design, develop, and test systems served by technology. More than 95% of the participants expressed their satisfaction with the course content, mode of delivery and the programming platform used.

95% of the participants were satisfied with the programming course offered by ADU

Abu Dhabi University “Investing in Our Community” initiative has thus far offered more than 120 workshops during 2021, with courses ranging from technical sessions in AI, data science and programming to soft skill sessions in time management, teamwork, and communications. The “Investing in Our Community” initiative has benefited more than 13,000 students, teachers, parents and working professionals so far. 

ADU’s program offerings focused on coding skills include a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, Information Technology, Cybersecurity Engineering, Computer Engineering with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence and Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Robotics and Automation as well as a Master of Science in Information Technology and Electrical and Computer Engineering. These programs aim to prepare and qualify future graduates for careers in computing technologies.

To find out more about ADU’s College of Engineering and its programs, please visit https://www.adu.ac.ae/study/colleges/college-of-engineering/Programs.