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A Tradition of Excellence Dating Back to 1509

by Eddie Rayner

The Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai (RGSGD) will welcome its first pupils in September 2021. Designed for boys and girls aged from 3 to 18, the campus will initially be accepting primary age pupils (age 3 -11) and will then grow year by year.

RGSGD is the sister school of one of the most respected and successful schools in the United Kingdom, the Royal Grammar School Guildford (RGS), which has  been providing an unrivalled education for over 500 years. RGS is consistently one of the top schools at both A-Level and GCSE in the UK and is exceptionally proud of its Oxbridge record; in the last decade alone, over 350 of its pupils received offers of places from Oxford and Cambridge universities. This history and tradition, combined with a spirit of innovation and development, will prepare RGSGD pupils for the challenges of the 21st and 22nd centuries.

A particular strength of the school is its mentoring programme, whereby older students are responsible for supporting younger students in the school

Leading by example and staying true to its values and commitment to innovation and collaboration, RGSGD will always strive to be the very best it can be, sharing the same ethos and academic rigour as its parent school.

Although a focus of the school will inevitably be on academic achievement, RGSGD will mirror the original school in its culture of being ‘forward-looking with a big heart of which academia is just one part of a richer experience’. A particular strength of the school is its mentoring programme, whereby older pupils are responsible for supporting younger pupils in the school.

The school offers its pupils a happy, well-ordered and stimulating environment where they can progress to their full potential. The English National Curriculum, considered the gold standard of education, is both broad and individualised at the same time and is carefully planned to maintain a balance between ‘what’ is to be learned alongside ‘how’ we learn.

The team at RGSGD are made up of outstanding international educators with vision and drive

Outstanding International Educators
To complement the experienced, passionate, innovative, creative and committed staff at RGS Guildford in the UK, the team at RGSGD are made up of outstanding international educators with vision and drive, who are also committed to making RGSGD a phenomenal experience for our pupils and their families.

The student/teacher ratio supports personalised learning for all pupils, with a maximum class size of 20 in EYFS and 22 in subsequent years. This is about more than just ratio – it is about a commitment to each and every pupil: that staff will know them, look in detail at their individual journey and support them in their progress.

Character development through the Riyada curriculum and learning habits will encourage pupils to understand how they learn, how to acquire the tool kit that allows them, as young people, to have the skills to thrive in an ever-changing world.  This, in turn, will enable pupils to understand and not be daunted by some of the significant challenges in the world. It allows them to understand how they can make a positive impact and become global thinkers.

School Values

RGSGD remains loyal to its founding principles to educate students, irrespective of background, and inherently believe in establishing a culture of diversity and acceptance, and educating students in a welcoming, tolerant community where each individual is valued and enjoys a deep sense of belonging.ScholarshipRGSGD encourages intellectual curiosity, independence, creativity, innovation and habits of learning within a scholarly community through inspirational subject specialists who provoke and stretch the students’ minds and inculcate a lifelong love of learning.

RGSGD promotes self-discipline, responsibility, and a personal moral code, cultivating an ethos where enduring qualities of decency, honesty, courtesy, humility, and good humour are celebrated.RespectRGSGD nurture an atmosphere of mutual respect between all members of its community and foster self-respect and self-esteem in terms of physical health, emotional maturity and personal well-being, while establishing lasting friendships in a positive, happy environment.

The RGSGD campus has been designed with sustainability at its core

RGSGD develops leadership, teamwork, resilience, and life skills through diverse activities where all students, regardless of their talents and attributes, are encouraged to challenge themselves, take appropriate risks, and work hard to fulfil their potential.

RGSGD work closely with others for mutual enrichment and encourage a spirit of generosity and service, a sense of perspective, and a firm belief that it can work in partnership with others, locally and internationally, to make a difference and have a positive impact on society.

Energy Project of the Year
The RGSGD campus has been designed with sustainability at its core. This approach has led to an array of accolades and accreditations, including the ‘Energy Project of the Year’ award at the Big Project Middle East Awards. Considered to be the first nearly Zero Energy School in the region, RGSGD is also the first project in the Middle East to receive a BREEAM rating, one of the leading global metrics used for sustainable development.

This school campus is far more than just a set of buildings with classrooms, labs, offices and sports facilities. It is an entire learning ecosystem whose facilities, layout and design principles are all part of every pupils’ journey.

RGSGD promote the development of self-discipline, responsibility and a personal moral code

As such, the RGSGD campus was built not only to support each pupil with quality facilities but also to embody the values of the school as a whole. As part of its commitment to providing teachers and pupils with a quality learning environment, RGSGD is incredibly excited to deliver world-class facilities that will provide every child with access to the level of education needed to thrive in the 21st century.

The Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai will soon be welcoming parents for schools tours. Too find out more, visit www.rgsgd.com